Burning Bright without Burning Out

  • Understand

    Identify the sources and signs of burnout before its too late. Distinguish stress from distress and learn the four components of stress.

  • Manage

    Recognize and implement the four "C's" for preventing or recovering from burnout.

  • Apply

    Charging your batteries is an inside-out proposition. Exercise a super-power that all of us have, but seldom use.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Burnout

    • Introduction and Outline Download

    • Stress and Burnout

    • Sources of Burnout

    • Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

    • Sequence of Stress

  • 2

    Managing Burnout

    • Charge

    • Challenge

    • Choose

    • Connect

  • 3

    Full Video

    • Video: Full video without breaks