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Dr. Russ Kinkade

I'm a clinical and consulting Psychologist with a passion for developing leaders from the INSIDEOUT. The first priority as you begin your leadership journey is to do the inner work necessary for authentic, congruent leadership. Self-Awareness is the foundation of interpersonal effectiveness. Who you are determines how you act; behavior is a by-product of beliefs, action flows from attitude. If you want to be effective as a leader, start from the INSIDE-OUT.


Scott Huedepohl


It takes leadership to drive culture, it just doesn’t happen by itself. Dr. Kinkade does a great job of helping to identify and develop that talent. The staff at Community State Bank love working with him and more importantly, we find great value in it

Tracy Terrill


As both a trainer and a leadership coach, Dr. Kinkade’s impact on Shepherds College has been significant. His trainings are as valuable as any I have ever attended, as he has addressed numerous topics that are germane to the successful operation of any school, business or church. As a leadership coach, Dr. Kinkade’s work influences dozens of people throughout our organization – from LEAD Team members to an emerging leader cohort. Personally, my monthly meetings with him are invaluable as he both encourages and challenges me to be a better leader.

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Every traveler needs a guide.
Consider the benefits of having a coach.

It's been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Taking that first step to invest in your own growth and developments as a leader can be challenging. Many young leaders mistakenly believe that they have to do it on their own, without help, without guidance. They may still get to their destination, however, they often lack the confidence and assurance that comes when they've had someone model the way. Finding a coach who will be a guide, a Sherpa, rather than a self-proclaimed guru is critical.

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